Why Upskilling is Important!

Covid-19 has altered the way organizations function. It has paved a need for rapid improvement in Workspace Digitization. The ever-changing work scenarios have created an urgency in developing our skills. Technological innovations are continuous, causing skills to become redundant. The need to upskill to remain successful is today.

What is upskilling?
According to Merriam-Webster, Upskill means ‘to learn more advanced skills through additional education and training.’ Upskilling can benefit the employee and the employer to remain competitive in today’s day and age. It is essential to comprehend that upskilling is different than reskilling. Reskilling is when you learn something new.

Why is upskilling beneficial?
Upskilling benefits you in more ways than one:

Stay relevant
Relevance is of utmost importance in today’s digital world. Your skills would be deemed obsolete if they don’t remain relevant to your job and industry. The result could severely influence your professional development and job security.

Secure your job
Skill redundancy can run the risk of job loss. Upskilling on the other hand can aid in securing your job and enhancing your career.

Salary hike
Organizations love offering salary hikes to employees who elevate their skills, as it benefits the organization in refining its overall performance.

Better career opportunities
If you’re looking for a job change, enhancing your skills can positively help in landing you better opportunities.

Improve work life
Upskilling helps you work in an improved manner as it enhances your productivity by cultivating your work quality and work life.

Stop feeling stuck
Feeling stuck/ redundant at work is one of the most common workplace issues faced by employees. Learning new skills or sharpening existing skills allows you to get out of the rut and perform better at your workplace.

Develop a valuable network
A good network elevates a person up the professional ladder. Whether you upskill yourself online or through offline channels, you are certain to meet mentors who can become treasured influencers for your career.

You may wonder how to develop your skills. With the emergence of online learning platforms, you can easily learn new skills without hassles. You can check courses on online platforms such as:

Let’s hope this blog has given you a clear idea of what upskilling is and why it's important for you.
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