Employee Testimonials

I like working with Apidel. They care for their employees and always maintain communication with them. Especially my lead, Siri, is awesome and friendly. She always smiles and makes sure I’m doing well and settled.
Scorpio Hadl

I had an incredibly enjoyable experience working with Apidel. Throughout my time as their employee, Apidel has maintained constant communication with me, showing a genuine interest in how my job is progressing. The onboarding process was remarkably smooth, and the fact that I was able to complete it promptly was incredibly helpful. Being an employee with Apidel has been both a rewarding and refreshing new experience.
I would highly recommend Apidel to anyone searching for work, primarily due to the exceptional support they provide. One individual who deserves special mention is my supervisor, Ruby. Ruby has consistently proven to be an exceptional supervisor, always going above and beyond to be helpful. Her guidance and support have been invaluable, making my experience with Apidel even more enjoyable. Ruby’s dedication and willingness to assist have significantly impacted my work, and I am grateful for her expertise and assistance.
Zora Mohammed

I can’t express my gratitude enough towards Apidel Tech. I am enjoying working with this company and always look forward to a long-term relationship. The support and attention given to employees are amazing. Wishing you lots of luck and prosperity!
Sridevi mt

Arthur and the team at Apidel are great professionals who have been a key element in evolving my career.
Adam Denton

Everything was answered timely, and Sonal is very friendly and helpful with any questions I have for her. She is excellent.
Roy Welborn

Wonderful experience!
Siri is very knowledgeable and competent regarding my issues. I think she does a wonderful job. I feel very fortunate to have her as my agent.

Calvin Waldrup


Excellent experience!
Ruby is a great manager. Although I have never met her, she has a great personality, and I can tell she cares about employees. She always checks on them regularly, even during their hard times. She calls to check up and make sure everything is okay.

Gate Matsouele

Fantastic experience!
It has been a pleasure working with Ruby, and I appreciate the check-ins.

Guillermo Cruz

Excellent experience!
Siri has been very professional, timely, and friendly. She is a joy to work with and makes me feel valued as a member of the team!

Clayton Crowe

Superb experience!
Ruby follows up with me frequently to check on how I am doing with the client and if there are any issues.

Kevin Dougherty

Excellent experience!
Ruby has reached out to me numerous times to offer support when needed. I appreciate her checking in.

Gloria Gardner

Remarkable experience!
Ruby is very professional, pleasant, and easy to talk to. She responds immediately to all emails or phone calls. She has a very kind and pleasant demeanor.

Adrienne Irvin