Client Testimonials

Apidel has been a fantastic supplier partner of Pinnacle Group’s for almost a decade. We’ve had a great relationship where Apidel has supported multiple programs. Apidel goes above and beyond to support our clients and to deliver for them with the utmost professionalism and candidate quality.

Andrew Bass

Program Director, Pinnacle Group

I have had nothing but great customer service while working through Apidel Technologies! My on-boarding experience was very smooth and Sumith, my recruiter was very attentive and professional. Jessica gathers our timesheets and processes them and she is very patient and supportive, especially when there are delays not always in our control. I am contacted regularly by Megha, the Operations Manager, offering me support when needed. Overall, my working relationship with Apidel has been great and I recommend them as a nursing travel company! Great pay!

Kristin Draisey

Long Term Care Registered Nurse, MN, USA

It has been a pleasure working with Apidel. My recruiter asked questions that were essential to the client’s needs. His keen sense of emotional intelligence was key in matching me with an organization whose staffing requirements match my work experience. They did not try to over sell my skill set just to fill a position. They truly want you to be happy in your assignment. I have the perfect assignment because of the commitment of Apidel to place the right people with the right organization.

The on-boarding process was a breeze. Most on-boarding processes take way too long. Apidel really bring their “A” game. They make it easy for the client and their candidates.

Your concerns are their concerns. They always make sure that you have all the resources you need to fulfill your assignment. Also, they are very responsive. Phone calls and emails are given prompt attention.

Simply put, they truly care.

Yolanda Israel

Office Administrative Assistant, CA , USA

Working with Apidel has been a very enjoyable experience. Apidel keeps in contact with me and is interested in how the job is proceeding. The onboarding process was very smooth; and being able to complete it in a timely manner was very helpful. Being an employee with Apidel is rewarding while also being a new experience.
I would recommend Apidel to all who are looking for work because of the support given by Apidel.

Brian Schauer

Engineer III, CO, USA

I am very thankful to Apidel Technologies for helping me find this awesome job. I would definitely recommend Apidel to my friends for jobs as they are very helpful. The onboarding process went very smooth since I had help with any questions I had. All employees at Apidel are very quick to respond to any questions or concerns I have had through my whole experience. I believe they really care and I am thankful to be working for them.
Alicia Chalker

Campaign Manager II, MN, USA

Working for Apidel Technologies was a great experience! The staff members were very helpful and answered every question or concern I had in a very prompt manner. The onboarding was very simple and smooth. I would recommend Apidel to any and all who are seeking employment with a great company!
Ericka Jones

Customer Aide Analyst, NJ, USA

I really want to thank you for given me the opportunity to work for you even though I was still taking classes, which I was honest about with your company. But that didn’t stop you from helping me with employment. Your staff was very proficient in answering any question I may have had, starting with Allen. I really liked how he stayed on top of things, making sure I received all the help I needed from day one, and then he lead me to Megha, who followed through with emailing on a regular basic to see if I needed anything, and asking me how my assignment was going just being so concerned. She was always nice and pleasant. Thank you again for all your help. P.S. Can you send me a copy of your newsletter when it comes out?

I just want to say, without your help I would not have been working now with the State of NJ as a permanent employee. So thank you again.

Collette James

Administrative Assistant II, NJ, USA

Apidel went out of their way to help me find a position. They e-mailed notices about new positions almost every day, arranged the job interview, answered every question I had about prospective employers and gave me details of what employers expected.

Thanks to Apidel I have been working over three years at the NJ State Police. Megha Betala from Apidel operations is constantly sending me emails to see how I am doing. She gives me support.

Susan Cushing

Administrative Assistant II, NJ, USA

I am very happy with Apidel temp agency. Anytime I may feel that there is a problem with my payroll, Jessica is very helpful and professional when helping me. When I came aboard everything was smooth as possible. They helped me with any problem I had. I would truly recommend a friend to Apidel
Charise Goldstein

Field Staff Technician, NJ, USA