Energy is what motivates us. However, this same energy doesn’t remain at its peak at all times. It fluctuates randomly. Fortunately, there are techniques to boost this energy whenever we feel the need. Let us look at some simple hacks to help reduce fatigue and re-energize ourselves. These hacks are classified as per the amount of energy required to run them.
Hacks requiring no energy.
• Listen to a favorite song.
• Watch a favorite TV show.
• Take a power nap.
Hacks that require a bit of energy.
• Take a short walk.
• Trimming plants.
• Create a to-do list to help you get back on track and stay focused.
• Prepare a cup of coffee/tea.
• Stretch or do a bit of yoga.
Hacks that require advanced usage of energy.
• Do a quick drill.
• Take a shower.
• Do some work for someone or pay someone a compliment.
• Make a healthy mess or snack.
• Give yourself a task to look forward to.