Top 10 Interview Questions for 2020 Weeding Out the Bad Fits

Top 10 Interview Questions for 2021 Weeding Out the Bad Fits

Top 10 Interview Questions for 2021 Weeding Out the Bad Fits will help you to find out the right candidate for your company. Ever hired someone who looked extremely talented on paper, sailed through their interview, however, went off track soon after they were on-boarded, thereby wasting your time & creating a commercial setback for the company?

What’s worse: these Bad Fit & Toxic employees cause the Good Fit employees to leave your company.

Want to know how these Bad Fits enter our system? Well, it’s all at the hiring stage! Most interviewers end up asking Standard Orthodox Interview Questions. Which simply means, if you have attended multiple interviews, you’ve already memorized what an interviewer would probably ask you.

Recruitment experts at Apidel Technologies have listed a few questions that can eventually help interviewers weed out Bad Fit employees.

Let's begin 😊

  • How/ what would you change in your previous job?

Interviewers can recognize passionate & expert employees who enjoy being part of a team.Bad Fit candidates will complain about how unfair or incompetent their previous manager/ co-workers were, 'or' they would simply say that wouldn't change a thing about their last job. On the contrary, Good Fit candidates will give a measurable account of the ways they would do things differently without complaining or focusing on themselves and their needs.

  • Tell me about a failure in your last job? What did you learn from it?

Bad Fit candidates pretend to be arrogant, as they believe they are incapable of making mistakes. If they do admit to making any mistake, the instigator would always be someone else's incompetence or unfairness. Good Fit candidates are ones who are aware of their shortcomings and know how to use them to improve and grow.

  • Can you name an area where you need to grow? And why?

Bad Fit candidates think they already "know it." They'll have a difficult time identifying any areas where they're deficient. They might give you a helpless response, like "I'm passionate", or "I care too much about getting it right": which is a lucid attempt to avoid your question. Good Fit candidates know where they need to showcase their skills and care about their professional growth.

  • Why do you want to work here?

Candidates know about your company. A Good Fit candidate cares about the efforts he/ she can make, hence will take time to find out if their skills align with the needs of your company, such as collecting data and learning what your company does, or what your primary business goals are. Bad Fit Toxic candidates are more focused on what the company can do for them.

  • Describe a situation in which you did something positive that wasn't in your job description?

As most organizations are small, becoming successful relates to you going beyond the limits of your assigned responsibilities for the good of the company. Toxic employees stick to the classic "it's not my job" attitude. They may even go to the extent and say: "This was not a part of their job description."

  • What is your ideal workday like?

Bad Fit employees are at the center of office mocking and are the ones spreading gossip among the team. Remember: Groups and good relationships are essential to organizations and overall job satisfaction.

  • What skill/ skills are you still missing for your growth?

Bad Fit employees think they know it all and aren’t interested in spending their time learning new things. Employers should look for candidates who have a genuine interest in growing their skills and learning new things to improve continually.

  • How long did it take you to get here for the interview? How long would it take at rush hour?

Few people can tolerate a commute of more than an hour. They may take the job now out of despair, but they are poor prospects for long-term, and lengthy commutes are amongst the major reasons for turnover.

  • Where do you see yourself being five years from now?

This helps gauge the stability criteria.
Additional questions may also include in Top 10 Interview Questions for 2020 Weeding Out the Bad Fits.

  • If we talked to your last supervisor, what do you think they would say?

  • What would your previous manager say about your outstanding qualities and efforts?

  • Would there be any shortcomings that they would probably point out?

With the world trying to approach a full employment circle, businesses risk a fiercer struggle for acquiring the best talent. This exertion can push business owners to avoid asking hard questions and settle for candidates who are probably bad fits in the workplace. It becomes imperative that business owners do not succumb to this temptation, as you will not only lose these Bad Fits in a short while, but there's a high risk that you may end up losing Good Fit employees who may not want to work with such candidates.

To facilitate the progression of business growth, you need to obtain the best employees and render them the support they need to evolve along with the latest technologies in their job roles.

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