Preparing for an important event or getting ready for an interview, or simply thinking of donating something can give people nervous jitters. Anxiety levels tend to increase as deadlines draw near. The following recommendations will help you stay composed irrespective of the event you intend to participate.
Music is an effective tool to help calm your mind. It does not matter if you listen to a genre to calm your jitters or something that inspires you. Just create a playlist ahead of time with your favorite songs to transport you to the mind frame you want to be. Dancing also, helps shake off some of those jitters you keep getting.
Dress comfortably
Our dressing sense can influence our emotions. There are times when you forcibly wear formals to look polished or to flatter a crowd. Instead, wear something that makes you comfortable and helps boost confidence.
Treat yourself to a snack
Probabilities are that you may feel stressed or off-balance if you head into an important event with a low blood sugar level or an empty stomach.
Have a snack instead. It will stabilize your blood sugar level and contain your anxiety.
Taking deep breaths can lower your heart rate and relax your body. Breathing before an event influences your parasympathetic nervous system and dismisses any stress factors.
Plan a Price
Giving yourself some me-time after your big event can help you power through the day. It could be your favorite drink from a coffee shop, meeting up with a friend for lunch, or having your favorite dinner and watching a show that evening. This works as a tool to help you relax after your stressful day.