Career prospects ideally mandate a candidate’s need to focus on revamping their resume. What can a candidate do if their resume gets denied by a tool and not by a person? Yup, we are referring to the preliminary screening process utilized by employers today when inspecting resumes – the Application Tracking System, typically known as the ATS Tool.

Let’s descend deeper to comprehend what gets skipped and how to effectively conclude the initial screening of resumes for further rounds of interviews.

What is an ATS Tool?
An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is a software that manages the hiring and recruitment process, application processes, and sometimes job adverts. The ATS is an effective tool for recruiters as it provides suitable resumes while eliminating the need to scan resumes manually. Unfortunately for candidates, this can turn into a nightmare as they can turned down for roles that suit them best. Reason: the ATS disqualifies profiles that do not match the criteria outlined in its search parameters, thus leaving applicants in a limbo.

Why do resumes get rejected?
No matter how detailed a profile is, the ATS can still sweep it under the rug. This happens as the data in the profile is compared to the requirement listed in the job description. The ATS can only identify precise details replicated in a profile as there is no human involvement in its functioning. In simple words, even a strong candidate can be overlooked if the profile content does not match entirely with the job description.

How to shortlist resumes effectively through the ATS tool?
Well, it’s obvious that the ATS really scrutinizes profiles. The question now is to find a way to get past this auto filtration process and get the right profiles on the HR’s desk. Let’s get to it then:

1. Read the entire job description before submitting a candidature;
2. Use the same/similar pointers and language in the resume. this will make t easier for the tool to scan and match the data.
3. Now, apply for the job, attach your profile, sit back, and let the ATS run its course.
4. Remember to keep an eye on the contact information provided in the application. If it includes an email address, email your profile to it immediately. This will grab the recruiter’s attention.

Here’s a bonus tip. Now that you have passed the filtration process and are prepared for interviews, start following relevant company LinkedIn pages like Apidel Technologies that has an extensive network in terms of market and employees. LinkedIn connections will assist you in developing a genuine corporate identity.

In this challenging day and age where fierce cut-throat competition is a part of our way of life, gaining work experience and constructing resumes is not enough. Do not remain in the shadows. Showcase the right skills to the right people at the right time, and acquiring the ideal job will be a breeze. 

Additionally, check if there are any open positions that would be a good fit for candidates looking for a job.