Do you procrastinate until the last minute? Well, you are not alone. Research shows 89 percent of the workforce accepting that they procrastinate for a minimum of 1 hour each day. Everyone procrastinates, be it professionally or personally. The methods given below will aid you to get out of that mind-set & start achieving your responsibilities and goals.
The 5-second rule
Taking timely action is one of the most controllable ways to elude procrastination. Thinking of waiting for 5 minutes before commencing a task is the first step towards procrastinating. Mel Robbins, author of the 5-second rule says once you catch yourself procrastinating, count backward from five, and then immediately start working for 5 minutes. By that 5-minute point, the toughest part (getting started) is over and you’re ready to finish the task at hand.
Have a Procrastination Song
Pick a song to support you. Every time you procrastinate, listen to it and get back to work.
Give Yourself an Incentive
The human brain reacts to reward stimuli to supply you with an incentive for completing a task. For example, if you perform an ‘x’ task, you will receive a ‘y’ reward and get incentivized accordingly. In simplistic terms: the bigger the task, the greater the reward.
Think about how good it’ll feel to be done
Tell yourself how good you’ll feel once the task you’re suspending is complete. Having it hover over you and finding immediate distractions can feel good for the short term, but the longer you push something off, the more it’ll plague you. Think how you’ll feel once it’s done and free yourself from the stress and pressure of procrastinating.