From the CelebrASIAN 2023 Business + Procurement Conference held in Las Vegas, we are delighted to share some amazing news! Our sincere congratulations go out to Mr. Cao Nguyen and all of the scholarship winners. As a steadfast supporter of equal chances, Apidel Technologies is pleased to have sponsored the Apidel Hallmark Scholarship, which was given to Mr. Cao Nguyen, a deserving immigrant student starting the next stage of his life.

Regardless of one’s background or current situation, Apidel Technologies fervently believes that everyone deserves an equal chance to succeed. For our reps, Ron Lippitt and Amita Patel, attending the conference and seeing the amazing talent and diversity in the community was an enormous honor. We were particularly impressed by Mr. Cao Nguyen since he is a remarkable person who has faced unusual difficulties. His unwavering tenacity, resiliency, and dedication to his study left us in awe. It gives us great pleasure to award him the Apidel Hallmark Scholarship, which will give him the tools he needs to succeed in his academic endeavors.

This sponsorship serves as an example of our dedication to promoting inclusivity and enabling people to realize their full potential. We are adamant that by supporting promising young talent like Mr. Nguyen, we are influencing not only individual lives but also the course of a more dynamic and diversified future.

We offer Mr. Cao Nguyen and all the other meritorious scholarship awardees our sincere congratulations. We hope they continue to achieve their goals with success.

Let’s unite to celebrate this outstanding accomplishment and promote the idea of fairness for all.