This exclusive in-person class marked a significant milestone in the world of Staffing and Recruiting, combining education, innovation, and the spirit of collaboration.

It was a truly exceptional gathering on 02nd August and 03rd August at the iconic Coca-Cola Headquarters in Atlanta, GA Held by SIA and sponsored by Apidel Technologies.

The event brought together a diverse group of attendees, from seasoned experts seeking to stay updated to newcomers looking to make their mark in the contingent workforce management arena. It was a gathering of like-minded individuals passionate about workforce solutions. This gathering was not just about the present; it was about shaping the future of workforce development

The knowledge exchanged here will undoubtedly have a far-reaching impact on workforce development, and we eagerly anticipate the innovations and collaborations that will emerge from this experience.

A heartfelt thank you Staffing Industry Analysts, and The Coca-Cola Company for orchestrating this exceptional learning journey. Your support and dedication to workforce development have been instrumental in making this event possible. To all the passionate attendees, you’ve not only enriched this experience but also made it truly memorable. Together, we are shaping the future of the workforce, and the impact of this gathering will resonate far beyond these memorable days at The Coca-Cola Headquarters.