Recruitment is no longer an 8 – 5 Job. Here’s Why

Working an 8-5 job in Recruitment? Most people may not agree with this idea. The recruitment process is fundamentally carried out by consultants, agencies, and companies, to meet the needs of clients by providing them the talent they necessitated.

How is it to work in the recruitment sector?

People have mixed interpretations on this. Some define recruitment as stressful, demanding, a pressure job; whereas others identify it as a financially stable job with perks & incentives. Which side should you trust? It differs from individual to individual, and of course, the company involved plays a vital part in it.

What are the skills required to become a recruiter; & what are the perks of being one?

  1. Recruitment is a demanding job. You need to have strong communication skills, sourcing skills, interviewing skills, and the aptitude to negotiate with candidates to reach a mutually beneficial conclusion.

  2. As a recruiter, you are a vital link between the client and the candidate. You need to have the comprehensive knowledge of the company, the job description, and the work culture, before approaching the candidate.

  3. Be Spontaneous and Alert while responding to questions asked by the candidate, provide relevant answers, organize their schedule, synchronize the interview details, and inform them about the result.

  4. This role can be challenging; yet exciting, as the profession is fast-paced, target driven and demanding. You just need to possess the right skills required to be a recruiter.

  5. Being a recruiter has its perks. Recruitment plays a vital role in developing your overall professional and personal skills, such as: confidence, sales skills, problem-solving abilities, negotiating, and time management.

What are the factors that affect the working hours in recruitment?

  • Work life balance as a culture has definitely improved in this sector, however, working an 8-5 job is not always possible. Being a recruiter, you have to give more priority to the clients & candidates.

  • A recruiter’s job is majorly indoors within office premises, however, it may include some outdoor activities depending on the company. Nowadays, most companies outsource their work: E.g. countries like USA, UK & Canada. Here’s where the working hours come into play. Staffing & Recruitment companies like Apidel Technologies contribute towards a 24 hours availability for its clients & candidates.

  • The recruiting work demands your presence even after your day is over, the reason: could be the availability of the candidate after your working hours; the same goes for the client. If you have your personal-mail linked to the office, then it would be even harder to stop; so being available is your priority. One of the reasons people prefer recruitment is that the job is Commission focused.

The recruitment profile requires you to have certain skills to succeed, and it has excellent Career prospects for you and helps you in your Professional Development. You will make lasting business relationships and gain exposure that isn’t available in most industries

The working hours are not fixed and can change according to necessity, hence, for certain, you can’t say it’s an 8-5 job. If the job requires you to stay longer, you have to, & all the hard work & dedication you put in it will pay off in a positive outcome for you, and yes even for the company.


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