World Environment Day 2022 – Sapling Distribution

We at Apidel believe in the power of small actions to make a big difference.
Apidel has been actively participating in CSR activities and has always been a part of spreading awareness about the environment in various ways throughout the years to spotlight the importance of having #OnlyOneEarth.
Every year on World Environment Day, Apidel takes a pledge to spread greenery in and around our neighborhood and bring about a notable change in the environment.
This year alone, Apidel has given away more than 2,000 varying plant saplings by hosting the "Green Hotspots" project, an initiative to bring leafy goodness around us and one that bears a message. This initiative to spread the "warmth of green" consisted of not only the efforts of our local team of #Apidelites, but a big shoutout to the localities of Vadodara who came through to take home their own sapling.
The day started with a team-building session where we discussed about the importance of our environment, having a sustainable lifestyle in harmony with nature, and how it is necessary for us to take care of it. We then went ahead with giving away more than 2,000 plants in the following hotspots of Vadodara:
►Inorbit Mall: inorbit.in/INORBIT%20VADODARA.html
►Eva the Mall: evathemall.com
►Taksh Galaxy Mall: takshgalaxymall.com
►Nilamber Triumph: nilambergroup.in/nilamber_triumph/nilamber_triumph.html
Our efforts were such a success it attracted, was recognized by, and featured in local news networks.
►Spark Today News:
►Vadodara Action News: