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Build Technician - I 2 days ago
Location: Chandler, AZ, USA

Job Code: 1027980

Mandatory / Primary Skills:

Packing, picking up and delivering

Job Description:

Filling and processing shipping memos
submitting shopping baskets
Packing, picking up and delivering shipments
Organizing and maintaining storage area and lab and office space including getting tools into calibration
Assembling computer systems, updating and reconfiguring systems and loading them into racks,
Basic Networking skills
Basic electronics Skills (ohms law)
Some coding or scripting skills
Soldering circuit boards, fine pitch part rework.
Tracking inventories
Debugging computer problems
Linux experience required
Other duties as assigned by the Team and Manager - including repetitive data collection tasks, running defined experiments, and managing automation environments
Qualified candidate must be proficient in Microsoft Outlook and Excel.
This position will require a person to lift items up to 35 pounds to shoulder height repeatedly for up to 5 minutes at a time in order to move inventory within a building.
The qualified applicant will be using internal websites for shipping, creating meetings, tracking inventory, calibration, etc.
Must have demonstrated ability to perform soldering of fine pitch components.
Must have minimum requirement of HS diploma or GED equivalent.

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