What attracts Talent in an Organization?

Recruiting Skilled Talent may have been considered as an easy task a few decades ago, however, in this age of digitization where education levels have ascended, and technology has evolved; hunting for talent has become more multifaceted.

The demand for talent has increased over time, even the employees are aware of it. Companies today, need to stand up to the expectations of the employee(s), & build a distinguishable attractive brand; otherwise, they risk losing their skilled employee(s) to their competitors.

According to the 2018 annual Talent Shortage Survey, employers today, are struggling more than ever to fill open jobs. 45% of employers globally say that they can’t find the necessary skills they need. This quotient has gone up from 40% in 2017 and is the highest in over a decade. For larger organizations (250+ employees) it’s even higher, with 67% reporting talent shortages in 2018.

Let’s discuss some of the key points you should focus to attract talent for your organization

  • The first choice of every employee is to join a successful company with a strong brand image. Create a valued brand image of your organization, like Google, ‘or’ Facebook, thereby setting your bar high, which automatically attracts top talent to join you.

  • Build a great website which showcases your Vision-Mission statement. Show how your company believes in Diversity, Fairness, display projects you carried out with a high rate of success, & client/customer testimonials. Job seekers tend to go through the companies profile before applying, hence, make sure you have an online presence, have a positive social media image on the internet - be sure to have company blogs, twitter feeds, a Facebook page which portrays a positive image of your company. Check sites like Glassdoor for reviews.

  • Provide a well-detailed job description, which mentions all the duties and accountabilities the position holds, explain the nature of the work style. Candidates can see if the work style suits them or not, thus saving time for both. Mention future prospects/growth in the company, perks, and security. These are some points which weigh more on the candidate(s) scale in terms of job preference.

  • Flexibility in terms of work environment like, working hours, dress code, work from home options, judging them by their productivity, & not by their presence in office in terms of hours, not being bothered by whether they are in office or not, thus maintaining a healthy work-life balance creates a more productive employee.

  • Remember your company goal. What are your searching for? ‘Or’ how much can you offer? ‘Or’ what perks & security do you provide? All this plays a key role in your company’s success because it’s always quality that matters over quantity. Have a good top-level managing team, which in turn creates a great team within the organization & also provides you with more upcoming talents.

An organization should always be prepared to answer questions: why should the employee choose you? What can you offer better in comparison to your competitor(s)? Creating a sense of security & stability around the employee(s), added with a great work culture, rewards & appreciation; is a well-constructed strategy whose results are enormous, & will help you preserve your employee for the long term. Implementing the above-mentioned points will no doubt distinguish you from the rest


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