Recruitment strategies to blow away your competitor’s in 2019.

The New Year has initiated, and so has the duel to become the Top House in the Recruitment Industry. In order to stay ahead, you should be prepared beforehand, with all your strategies and a robust Game Plan.

Useful strategies to help improve your Hiring Process; & attract Top Skilled Talent in 2019

1. Communication - One of the key factors to triumph is communication. It is important to be well connected with your candidates, contact them regarding opportunities, and by keeping in touch with them via phone & emails. Value their time by replying to them regarding the status of the interview they just concluded. Don’t leave them hanging. You really don’t want to be classified as a bad candidate experience.

2. Maintain a Standard Procedure - Carry out the interview process as you do with every candidate. Follow a proper set of ethics which you have set, make sure all candidates go through the same channel. This will let you substantiate every candidate you have interviewed, in case you missed any.

You can further conduct skilled tests for these candidates, which will eventually help you eliminate unsuitable candidates. You can conduct the test(s) as per your industry standards: e.g. taking tests on English, basic math, or on subjects which are focused on particular skills which you are seeking. This will help you seek the right talent to bring on-board.

3. Use Social media - This is a digital era, & sourcing candidates from job portals & newspapers is not enough. You have to switch to digital/social media platform(s). Sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter will help you reach a larger audience. Be professional in your approach. If you are driving social media adverts or posting jobs, then provide all the details. Make sure your advert or job posting has a “Call to Action” button, to allow interested candidates to revert.

For more details on the importance of social media please refer to our blog by clicking here.

4. Stay updated and invested in the latest Technology - As technology evolves, the outdated trends diminish. The impact of new technologies like Video Recruiting Software & Applicant Tracking Systems play a vital role in this, by helping you manage your hiring needs: e.g. there is a recruiting software that helps handle your email, & manages your responses which are automated. Staying updated will keep you ahead of the pack.

5. Keywords for the Job Title – Always think from a candidate’s perspective. Which word(s) will he/she will use to search for a job. Keep it simple, don't use multifaceted and puzzling names as it may disturb your search pattern.

Using Templates also comes in handy as it makes your work easier and helps save time. You can use various templates like, job description, interview invitations, rejection letters etc.: create a template and then simply change the small details to add personalization to each candidate.

6. Keep Your Website updated - Always keep your corporate website current with the latest job posting(s); make sure your career page on the website is not obsolete, upload your website with latest corporate events, company culture & other activities’ which will reflect a positive vibe.

7. Promising Career & Future - As you will be seeking new talent for your organisation, it’s important to provide them with proper guidance & training. This helps mould them into that “perfect candidate”, as young professionals always value an employer that values its employees and their professional growth.

By implementing the above strategies, you should be able to improve your recruitment approach, attract top skilled talent, increase your work proficiency & keep you ahead of your competition.



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