IT Staff Augmentation and it’s Importance!

IT Companies today, are in great demand across the world. Everyone is pushing themselves to be at the Top. The competition is increasing day by day, as more companies are entering the market. Surprisingly, it’s not just the large ones. Even small and midsized companies are establishing themselves, to meet their client’s business requirements.

A recent survey has showcased, that the IT Staffing Revenue amongst respondents, has grown by 2.1% in 2017.

The factor that comes into play in all this, is “Staff Augmentation”.

What is “Staff Augmentation” and what advantages does it deliver?

Staff Augmentation services are offered by various agencies. This helps add in more qualified and skilled workers to your staff, who can be (temporary or permanent), depending on the requirements of your client. Staff augmentation is majorly used in the IT and Software Engineering industries. However, it can be helpful for any business, which requires human resources to deal with special project(s) ‘or’ sudden business spike(s).

Here are some instances of the circumstances where staffing plays a significant role:-

Case 1: Your permanent staff is already working overtime; and a new project is received. This requires extra hands to ensure the smoothness of the project.

Case 2: One of your employees, possessing key knowledge on a particular subject, may want a leave for long period; reason could be sudden illness, maternity leave, etc. You will now need a temporary requirement to fill the gap as soon as possible.

Case 3: A new project requires specialized skills, which your current employee does not possess. You now need a consultant to handle the project requirements, and train your current staff for future endeavors.

 IT Staffing helps you find the right people for the job, saves money, gives companies flexibility, and provides a constant flow of talents to meet the dynamic demands of the IT sector.

Staff Augmentation has many advantages. It helps you reduce your time-to-hire from months to weeks, ‘or’ even days. Companies normally keep extensive and regularly-updated databases of tech workers. Whenever you have staffing needs, augmented services work best for you, providing you the targeted talent, that you were looking for; be it temporary, permanent ‘or’ freelance.



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