Facebook as your hiring Tool!

Facebook today, is not just another social media platform to share pictures, status, and upload videos, with your friends. The picture just got BIGGER. Facebook is now a platform for companies to generate revenue, create their online brand and find employees.

As of the second quarter of 2018, Facebook had 2.23 billion, monthly active users. Meaning: Facebook can be used as an effective job portal by many recruiters as it has a large Database to choose from, and your next employee might be from there.

Facebook even has its counterpart applications such as Instagram and WhatsApp which can be used as a way to boost your followers, and increase your online branding, by posting appealing content to attract the right audience. Talking about an audience: Facebook has an impressive feature, which enables us to filter down our requirements, by targeting people of the required age group, narrowing down to their exact location. Thus, generating a Database pool for Recruiters and Staffing Companies.

Here are some aspects of Facebook, you should implement to drive positive results:

Focus on Paid Campaigns: One of the most important features Facebook offers is its paid campaigns, which let you target the right audience; irrespective of the age group, location, and country. You can create your own online brand presence, drive traffic and get conversions. This will be useful for recruiters in terms of filling their database when looking for potential candidates. The feature is not limited. It can cover aspects like picture posting, quality content posting, and video sharing. (Video ads generate approximately 10% to 30% more views than ads with photos)

Facebook Live feature: Recruiters can utilize this feature to create videos that show the company culture, ‘or’ the positive work environment, that will enable more job seekers to apply at your company. Going Live often, and conducting interactive sessions can boost branding for your company. You can also organize Q&A Sessions to clear any doubts and answer the relevant questions asked by the Jobseekers. (Generate viral challenges to grab attention)

Facebook Groups: This is a platform where you can meet individuals of common interest under one roof. For E.g.: if the post in the group consists of a requirement for an Android developer, it will help recruiters find the talent directly, rather than seeking a big audience.

Company's Facebook page: This is another important medium, where the company should give focus. They should make their corporate Facebook page user-friendly and keep it updated, as candidate(s) may check it before attending interviews, and may find it disappointing if the page doesn't exist or is dull. Recruiters can use this business page to post new job openings and let candidates receive notifications about the new job availability, even if they are not actually looking for a job or a job change.

We can conclude that Facebook has become one of the important tools, which connects the world digitally, thereby giving more opportunities for companies to grow and expand. Facebook today is not just limited to staying connected with friends and family. That bridge has expanded. Facebook today, is constantly making changes to its pages and platform, & it’s important for you to stay up to date.


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