Apidel is a "certified" Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) by Chicago Minority Supplier Development council (CMSDC) which is a part of National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC).

Apidel is "certified" as a Women Business Enterprise (WBE) by National Women Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC).

The Apidel Diversity Pledge

  • "Strive to create a workplace that provides equal access to information, development & opportunity to all"

  • "Adopt diversity beyond policies & practices as an inherent ideology"

  • "Place Diversity at the core of the organisation to define how we operate & envision our future"

Being a Woman Owned Minority Organization and a global citizen, Diversity is a key factor that drives our corporate family. At Apidel, Diversity is broader than race and ethnicity. It enables our employees to function regardless of their:

  • Religion

  • Sexual Orientation

  • Education

  • Ethnicity

  • Social Background

  • Ability / Disability

  • Geographical Origin

At Apidel we believe that diversity is a business necessity as our diverse workforce produces better business results, showcases greater range of perspectives, creativity and innovation.

Diversity is noticed at all levels within Apidel:

  • Involving All When Designing the Program

  • Practice Socially Responsible Business to Enhance Reputation

  • Enabling Conflict Resolution

  • Promoting Employee Development

  • Embracing Diversity in All Forms

  • Inculcating Mutual Respect Recruiting Broadly

  • Fair Selection

  • Conducting Orientation and Training

  • Sensitizing All Employees to Embrace Diversity

  • Reinforcing Difference

As an integral core principle that builds the driving force at Apidel; diversity has been close to our CEO, Amita Patel's heart; and as a torchbearer, she finds it in herself to encourage women to step up to the plate and succeed.

As described in her own words, CEO Amita Patel outlines how her mentor gave her the courage and vision to meet people, make connections and give wings to her business. The learning received from her mentor has left a lasting impact on Amita and she strongly believes that it is important to pass this learning onto others.

Her efforts have spoken volumes whenever the results have come out. Apidel’s clients have shown a positive response to Amita’s diverse workforce program as it has helped them meet their diverse business needs.

For the future, Amita and Apidel hope to continue this commitment towards maintaining diversity goals and for women in the organization.

As Amita say’s “When a client follows your vision and strategy, you know you’re on the right path.”