Apidel Analytics

Recognized for delivering value in Analytics and Data science Staffing. Our focus in analytics allows us to better understand client needs and candidate experience. Our forte is our unique cost effective delivery model which has proven to be successful in matching client needs with candidates’ skills, experience, career goals and education. We have been successful catering to hiring permanent employees and contractor opportunities (Both IT & Analytics) across industries like Financial Services (Credit Card, Insurance), Healthcare, Retail, Pharmaceutical, Life Sciences, Information Technology, etc. We go beyond typical job descriptions to understand the incumbent pre-requisites of the job listings, responsibilities, expectations of a given role, the culture of the company and possible career paths. Eventually, we evaluate the need, locate the top talent, and qualify them to ensure we present the most ideal applicants available. Hiring of contractors and full time employees is effectively carried out in broad categories and domains which vastly include part time jobs and part time works.